Why Choose Us ?

“The greatest development is achieved during the first years of life, and therefore it is then that the greatest care should be taken. If this is done, then the child does not become a burden; he will reveal himself as the greatest marvel of nature.” Maria Montessori.

It is not true that I invented what is called the Montessori Method…I have studied the child; I have taken what the child has given me and expressed it, and that is what is called the Montessori Method.” Maria Montessori.


Full day Montessori Preschool 7am to 5pm for 2 to 6 year olds

Accredited dayhome registered with Thornhill Childcare Society

Located at Coventry Hills, close to Coventry and St Clare Schools

Spaces available for a July 2018 start

Breakfast, organic lunch and snack

Three hour preschool morning class

Nap or quiet time in the afternoon

Outdoor play, field trips, monthly newsletter



An amazing Montessori environment that encourages learning in Math, Science, Language, Art, Creativity, Gardening, Physical development, and Music.