Five Stars Montessori Preschool

Why Choose Us

Five Stars Montessori Preschool offers high quality early childhood education for children between the ages of 2.5 years and 6 years. Located in Coventry Hills, close to Vivo Place, Coventry Hills School and Nose Creek School. A beautiful and bright room where your child will  investigate and explore, gain confidence and independence. The classroom is a Montessori prepared environment where your child is guided by a trained teacher. Only six children per class. Brain Gym(Registered) activities are done daily with the children.This home-based preschool has  cherry trees and a sensory garden.  There are two playgrounds nearby for the Preschool children to enjoy. Four field trips each academic year which are very popular with the little ones and their parents.

Why Choose Us


    School Year September to June

    Summer camp in July

    Four exciting and fun filled field trips

    Two reading celebration events