Five Stars Montessori Preschool

Why Choose Us

Five Stars Montessori Preschool: We move forward striving hard to reach the stars!

Our vision is to open new doors and give each child new experiences.

Our mission is to stir the curious mind and lead the child to new paths.

Five Stars Montessori Preschool is now accepting children for Summer Camp.  Your child will enjoy summer fun activities and will be ready to start Kindergarten with confidence.  Whilst working with all Montessori materials, your child will also get to pick cherries, berries, and plums from the Preschool Sensory Garden. Summer camp consists of art and craft activities, baking, dance and music and outdoor play.  Brain Gym exercises stimulate both hemispheres of the brain. The children will be able to grow flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits in a garden tower and learn about vermicomposting.

Why Choose Us


    Full day Preschool and after school care available, please ask at the time of registration

    Summer camp runs in the months of July and August

    Preschool is open from September to June and

    closed for Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer breaks

    Preschool will be closed on all Statutory and Civic holidays and some PD days

    Preschool calendar and curriculum will be emailed to you after registration.

    An amazing Montessori environment that encourages learning in Math, Science, Language, Art, Creativity, Physical development, and Music.