Five Stars Montessori Preschool

Why Choose Us


Five Stars Montessori Preschool: We move forward striving hard to reach the stars!

Our vision is to open new doors and give each child new experiences.

Our mission is to stir the curious mind and lead the child to new paths.

Five Stars Montessori Preschool has had a successful four years in Coventry Hills and is ready to take on a new direction.  The Preschool will be moving to Bethany Harvest Hills for the next term. While indulging in all Montessori activities, your child will also experience open spaces and the glory of nature. The preschoolers will venture outside at set times, where they will find gazebos, gardens and secure pathways.

Why Choose Us


    Open from September to June

    Closed for Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer breaks

    Closed on all Statutory and Civic holidays and some PD days

    The calendar will be emailed at time of registration

    New Connections between two generations.  It is an amazing concept to bridge the generation gap by being at a Preschool in a residence for senior citizens. Being in practice for around 25 years, practitioners say their young charges have just as much to gain as the seniors. Magic abounds when Montessori children and seniors share exciting experiences together.

    “It is a wonderful way for the children to develop empathy and an understanding of the needs of others,” says Nancy Roscoe, who oversees a similar daycare at Toronto’s Kipling Acres as program manager of early learning and child care for the city’s west end.