Coventry Hills preschool is now closed and we are opening in Inglewood at the Dave Marshall Room, Inglewood Community Hall.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Fathima Toprawalla – graduated with a Teaching Diploma specific to Preschool and Kindergarten children (2.8-6 years) with the North American Montessori Centre in 2011. She is a qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educator.  She is certified in Standard Child Care First Aid/CPR and has valid Police Clearance. Fathima has her Early Childhood Education Certificate, Human Services Diploma and Access to Teaching Certificate.  She has gained valuable experience working with school-aged, kindergarten and preschool children.

Fathima realised there is a great need for providing Preschoolers with a foundation to succeed in their formal education. She guides the children so that they can flourish in basic literacy, numeracy, social and independence skills. Many five-year-olds attend both Kindergarten at a local Elementary school and at Five Stars Montessori Preschool. This three-year span of education with a consistent teacher gives them a very strong start.

Her philosophy is encapsulated in the following quote:

“All our handling of the child will bear fruit, not only at the moment but in the adult, they are destined to become. Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” Dr.Maria Montessori