I am very pleased with the level of Preschool Education.  My son has entered Kindergarten well ahead of most kids in his class.  He has learned a lot through the Science Centre trips and talks often of the “adventures’ there. I tell other people how hands on the Preschool is with learning and how advanced my son is in comparison to other children his age.   Audrey.I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate the emails on what the girls have been doing in class. Thank you


The best and the most important thing is we have a good teacher.  You are a patient, nice and knowledgable teacher who we trust.  This the first time to go to Telus Spark, and we all enjoy this trip.  Especially my kids, they felt very interesting.  I tell my friends that  your Preschool is a good place to choose because the teacher is very nice to your children and your kids could get more attention than other Preschool.


I am very pleased with the experience my son is having at this Preschool.  He tells me at home that “Ms. Fathima is so nice” and he is eager to attend.  I can tell he is learning a lot and I appreciate the small class sizes. My son and I loved the field trip to Telus Spark.  It was educational and fun!  It also allowed me to connect with one of the other moms from the morning class.  I would absolutely recommend Five Stars Montessori to other parents!  We are new to the Coventry Hills community and feel so fortunate to have found such a safe, convenient, loving and respectful program.


My husband and I have been very happy with the care and education our child received at this preschool.  I love the story-telling, the phonetics and the basic math he was exposed to as it prepared him for grade 1.  All of the printing, arts and crafts, conversation skills and sensory play were very important for my son’s emotional and social growth.  He loved the backyard sensorial garden and the visits to the park. Alanna.We loved the field trips and so did our son..  The locations Fathima chose were educational and meaningful for him. Scott.This preschool experience was amazing for us.  We are happy with the learning stations provided, the fieldtrips and the celebrations of success at the end of the year.  Fathima takes her vocation very seriously and is always looking for ways to improve the experiences the children are exposed to


I am happy with the different subject areas you expose my son to.  I feel he is learning in a Montessori environment and he likes being at Preschool.  The trip to Telus Spark was excellent!  I would recommend your Preschool to other parents and tell them that my child is exposed to learning in areas of Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies at his level.  He is comfortable and happy at the Preschool.  


I am very happy with the progress my daughter has made since being in this Preschool program which has Brain Gym and Montessori, especially as it concerns her fine motor skills development. I love the personal touch that is given to the students and commitment to ensuring they remain consistent even with the potty training.


Thanks for the good work you are doing with our son. 


 Our son loved the sensorial garden.  Due to all his interactions at Fathima’s  preschool with other children and the learning and Montessori materials, he is outgoing and comfortable interacting with people.   We felt very comfortable leaving our child  in Fathima’s hands because she was so kind to him. 


Outdoor play and hands on learning is the best way to learn.  We are firm believers in the Child Centered ideology as the students get to determine what he learns based on his interests and aptitudes.  Fathima is excellent at letting the students decide what they learn.

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