What will a Montessori Preschool do for my child?

All parents of preschool children residing in Inglewood and Ramsay will find the location very convenient.

  • In our Montessori classroom, your child will at once become interested in the beautiful, child-friendly environment which is tailor-made to suit the needs of your child. The furniture is specially made to your child’s size so that she can easily access the materials.
  • Order and cleanliness are always maintained as children prefer having things in order. They get interested in a task and therefore can concentrate more to complete the task.
  • The children get the opportunity to use real life tools. They tend to master skills that gear them to be independent. She/he learns personal grooming skills through Practical Life activities which are really designed for the development of the child’s psycho-motor skills.
  • The child learns best when there is no reward or punishment. The child feels good being able to rectify his own mistakes having the freedom of choice to choose first and then work with those chosen materials.
  • Through close observation of children, we can tell when children are in their sensitive period. This is a period when children have all their energies focused on one thing and are thus showing an interest to develop that particular skill. The Montessori prepared preschool classroom gives the child an opportunity to concentrate, take and put away materials more easily and make positive choices for their preschool activities.